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20 Something Life Lessons

20 Something Life Lessons


Yes, you are encouraged to play SZA while you read..



Quality over Quantity

Love, and love again

Question religion

Question anything your heart tells you to 

There are seasons of harvest

There are seasons of growth, appreciate both

Try new restruants 

Try different foods at those restaurants

Reinvent yourself as often as you'd like

Turn off your phone

Respect Wine

Spend time with your parents

Spend time with yourself (Light some candles girl) 

Invest Now. This is the time to download the Credit Karma app, ask about 401K, find out the benefits of a Credit Union

Don’t take things so personally, very seldom does It have anything to do with you

Socialize in person, not just on social media (It's actually ok to say Hi first)

Protect the space you call home, not everyone deserves an invititation inside

I'd rather be called humble than "Bougie" (check your Urban Dictionary Love)

A gift is called giving without expecting anything in return

There is a difference between comparison and admiration

Say NO. No one respects the "Yes" woman

Change will intimidate you, your closest friends, and family. Blossom anyway

I am still Learning

As Twenty Six was approaching my rationale for making lifestyle changes was "welp I'm closer to thirty than I am to twenty... Lets change some shit." Twenty Five felt like a windmill of ups and downs.... confusion, check listing and social media comparisons. So I really don't know what I expected twenty-six to feel like, maybe that's my gem, not requiring it to be anything more than what it is at this moment. Don't get me wrong I definitely have goals that I'm hoping to accomplish and a lot of questions have yet to be answered, but twenty-six has thus far blessed me with contentment and thankfulness - For where I am, and have yet to go. Believing that in MY time, rather that be today or five years into tomorrow, I will arrive. 


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Start Looking At The Back Of Your Hand - Ashley Henry

Start Looking At The Back Of Your Hand - Ashley Henry

God Speaks To Me

God Speaks To Me