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Feeling Sexy Is Not a Sin

Feeling Sexy Is Not a Sin

Who. The. Hell. Convinced us that being Sexy was a sin?

As if long skirts in the summer and turtle necks in the Winter could forever be our go to. Women are smart as hell. In more ways then one we surpass our help mates in areas of life that they will spend their life trying to understand. So it is no surprise to me that the days of stockings and the slips mommy forced me in every Sunday Morning are long behind us. ( Thank you Lord for small blessings )

Would you be surprised to know that out of my friends I am often considered the modest one.  Being raised by my grandparents definitely had its influence on me. So sexy for me, may not be sexy to you at all.

And yes, as much as I love The Queen and RiRi, their red carpet looks may not coincide with my everyday life.  But Hell if it makes you feel like your best self- Go for it! 

GIRRRRRL , You wont get a husband like that they'll say .....Your body is not for the eyes of everyone they'll say .....Look at you, what will people think they'll say ......Ummmm you really gone where that (Accompanied with a Beautiful Side eye) .......

"I can see a side eye In my sleep" Thank you HOV for this line. I see em. always have, we all do. Only difference is now I really don't give a shit. Because I can't be me if I'm too worried about being accepted by you. Do I believe that there is a difference between sexy and trashy 100 percent. But my husband, (wherever in Mars he may curently be) Will love that spontaneity. He'll want me to feel sexy on my own merit and will respect me more because of it!  

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 Ever notice how after we've gotten past our own scary rules of why we can't or shouldn't the only critic that's usually left attempting to tear us down is ANOTHER WOMAN. Instead of "girl you working that dress" or " O my god you look great what's the fucking secret"! We're left with,......... "She Tried It" ! To which I'd answer.....she did, & what have you tried lately?

We are criticized so much by everyone. Television, Reality TV, Men, Social Media, it has become second nature for us to do it to one another. No we can't change society over night, and I don't even think that is the answer. But what is in our control is how we interact and support the woman next to us. Friend, Sister, Stranger -It does not matter. 

If I'm completely honest, the things that I wore at 18 no longer exist in my closet at 26. I've evolved and changed in so many ways... and did it in my own time. Lets allow the woman next to us space to grow! Instead of reinforcing the confinements that we are all trying to understand and break out of. 

And most importantly My GOD - I stopped thinking of my father as this big scary Judgy figure alooooong time ago. He gets us more than we get our self, because he made us! My God, wants me happy, confident and aware of the beauty he created. Does that mean I'm going to walk around naked, or risk my employment,  of course not. It does mean that I want to praise my body in all of it's forms; skinny days and bloated ones. Trading in my play it safe and appropriate card To feel sexy more times than some. The Gem is.... the entire time God is there with me, holding my hand, reassuring my confidence and when I've started to get the hang of things, he's in the audience cheering me on. 



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