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"I am Strong. I am Powerful. I am Beautiful". Ryan Pierce

"I am Strong. I am Powerful. I am Beautiful". Ryan Pierce

Girlfriends. Sisterhood and Blackness. I finally seen the talked about movie Girls Trip with a cast that did not disappoint. Decided on the 1030 am show, and went solo because with all the great reviews and me now weeks late to the party I knew Girls Trip would be greatness, I didn't need the crowd.

Culture was all over this film, praising black women. Despite the belief that we tear each other down with hidden agendas and jealousy. We have leaned on our girls for years. Through success (Ryan paying for her girls to join her in New Orleans), Through breakups, ya friends ready to hate your man more than you do, and plotting to be down when SHIT GOES DOWN (Didn't you love the club scene too). Then, the small gem of this movie, praying together... because we aren't realllly friends with our girls, we're sisters. 

It is true that as life changes so do our friendships. But what I have come to love about my own group of forever girl friends is that we love each other deeply, no matter how much time passes or the current phase of life that we are in. I'd like to believe that being raised in a small city afforded me the luxury of having my girls start out with me in High school; and the changes of life granted me new sisters in College. All of them, without hesitation I can call on today. 

Generations of black women have leaned on one other, cried on each others shoulders, became business partners, coached in delivery rooms, been each others baby sisters, and adopted the role of auntie and mom to one another's children. Yes, to bringing this part of our culture back to the forefront of how we see our sisters. Before seeing the movie I saw so many post of women praising their own girl friends and planning there overdue girls trip. 

For my story tellers I'll be honest. I took my time seeing this film because just a couple months prior I came across the Ebook The Awesome Girl's Guide To Dating Extraordinary Men. While I am the first to read a good Motivational Self Help Book, this was not that. Believe me when I tell you while previews were getting us all Hype for Girls Trip, I had already started my re-endemption of Waiting To Exhale with this Novel. 

Four extremely different girlfriends who met and fell in separable in their college years manage to hold hands trough their Thirties. Risa, Tammy, Sharita and Thursday had me trying to label a character to each one of my friends and I. However, at the end I could find a piece of us in all the characters but to my surprise I most identified with Risa. I use the word surprisingly, because if I had met Risa on the street I would've labeled her not my kind of girl. Written to be a hard ass, mohawk wearing, loud unfiltered creative. But her loyalty and passion resonated with me. 

Ever read a book and then see the movie and leave completely disappointed. Why? Because the movie couldn't capture the.....amazingness you pictured while reading! This book, made me want to see Girls Trip even more! And even though the story line is different, the concept is the same. We Need Our Girls. Maybe this experience for me is different because I didn't just read and Imagine it, but I'm living real sisterhood with my own girls. (They better Read This Post) hahahaha! 

If you haven't seen Girls Trip already, do so. And after, If you want to continue the conversation....read The Awesome Girl's Guide.  Both are the perfect addition to the end of our Summer. 

Favorite Quotes from Girls Trip

"Henney and Booty sweat we done found our tribe"

"Top Ramen and Mad Dog 20/20" ( You Judging or nahhhh)

"We shouldn't fear being alone because there is power in rediscovering your own voice"

Favorite Quotes from the Extraordinary Girls Guide

"Your friends are your insurance. Your friends chose to love you. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in pursuing a mate is deciding to undervalue your friendships".

"I, myself, am a firm believer in not caring what anyone else thinks. But if somebody tells me something about myself that makes me so mad I wanna spit, then maybe I think about what they said a little harder, because they just might be telling me something I need to Know". 

Why Blogging and The 4 I Follow

Why Blogging and The 4 I Follow