Hey Beautiful,

This space you've entered is both my therapy and vision. dTinsleys' is artwork being pieced together lesson by lesson, tear by tear, friend by soulmate. Connecting amazing women, all women, white, black, brown....orange? from all walks of life. We are college bound, mommy educated, life expert, newly wed and feminist... there is room to celebrate all of us. Trust me, we are more alike than you think. Contrary to trendy beliefs womanhood has no blueprint or carbon copy. 

Someone asked me sarcastically one day, "DoNesha what do you want to do, save the world?" My answer (embarrassed) ummm no. But the entire time I was thinking WHY THE HELL NOT!

I don't need a red cape to save the world and neither do you. 

Saving the world looks like so many things, and It starts with me. It's a gesture so grand I can't even put it into words, or something so small no one even realized it was happening. 

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