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Rogue Wine Bar

Rogue Wine Bar


A few months ago I moved into my new place on a completely different side of the city. Unfortunately though, due to my work schedule I barely spent anytime at home and the closest I got to eating out in the area was Chick -Fil -A.

So when I finally got some time to myself I was excited to try out some of the eatery's in the area. That's when I found Rogue Wine Bar. Don't you love when you literally just stumble across your next gem.... 

Located in what you wouldn't consider the "prime" area of Houston. This modern wine bar is definitely worth a visit. Red furniture, Brick interior, Fire place; I was sold.

From the few I've visited I'm guessing the one bartender is the way to go for wine bars. It definitely adds to the one on one personal experience. I happened to be by myself this night but was not alone at all. The vibe was definitely couple "esc' ... the owner was in attendance with his family, and the bartender was nice enough to make casual talk with the loner. (Thanks Juan) ! 

This place gave me very intentional Europe Vibes, so I wasn't surprised to learn that the owner had actually spent 15 years living in France. The fireplace wasn't just for show but is where the pizza's on the menu are made and cooked right in front of you! I had eaten already so decided on just a glass of wine. The best part of trying a new wine is the taste tasting...   I was offered to test out the wines id like to try. (This is usually complementary for any bar or restaurant that offers wine) Juan was pour friendly too might I add. I settled on a chardonnay from California. 

STOP. I know what you're thinking can't I get that from anywhere. ?? My answer is No. All of their wines are specially imported to Rogue...... and this is a locally owned location found only in Houston. 

Now that that's out the way..... To be honest I did like my wine choice but I wasn't blown away. Perfect for me, because I was impressed by the service and atmosphere..... and this made all the more reason to return. 

As I'm redrafting this post... now a few days later, I have already been back to Rogue on a Saturday night. This time with one of my girlfriends. She Loved It! We spent nearly 2 1/2 hours talking and sipping.  

If your looking for a chill atmosphere, with a pretty interior (I always am) add Rogue Wine Bar to your list. 

Happy Sipping Beautiful, 


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