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South African Wine In Houston

South African Wine In Houston

I'll speak for myself when I say ever since I received my passport this past March, it is constantly itching in my pocket! But because Bank of America says otherwise I'm unfortunately not on a plane as often as I'd like to be.... In time, In time. So this summer when I moved to a new area of Houston I decided to explore this big ass city! Surprisingly, I never really had before. School and work had me very content with "my side of town", and yes the rumors are true, our highways look like roller coasters and traffic here can be shit. (excuse my rant ).


My point is, don't let Filtered Instagram pictures fool you. You don't have to go far to begin your traveling journey. Yes, when done correctly, traveling is all it's hyped up to be. Inspiring and one of the most authentic ways to learn about yourself and other cultures. But Beautiful, there is nothing wrong with starting in your own back yard. 

Disclaimer: For all my future Fittty Something Wine Post that are sure to come.  I am a SELF PROCLAIMED WINE EXTRAORDINAIRE, and In the spirit of expanding my wine palate I was on the search for new wine spots in Houston. That's when I came across ogunartwine.com A quaint South African Wine Bar, and since I wont be visiting South Africa anytime soon this place gave me all the fake it until you make it vibes.  

My friend and I visited on a Tuesday evening, and were welcomed by their one bartender and an older crowd. Let's say 30's to 40's crew.... which we expected for a mid week wine bar.  The music was diverse but we were still impressed to hear a few spins of soul R&B. I'm talking DruHill and Ginuwine.... Yes Boo.

The wine selection is not only expansive but readable! I've been to wine places where I couldn't pronounce a thing on the menu and had no idea where to start.  My friend and I eventually settled on the African selections.... getting the full effect ya know. But the options by the glass were endless, Greece, New Zealand, Spain, France......Of course, Cali too. ( Napa Valley I'm coming for you) !! 

In addition to their Wine list from heaven. What really set Ogun apart was their food selection. The days of cheese boards, peanuts and cold cuts are gone. Now while I can pop my pinky finger and blend with the bourgeoisie's ... We had no problem sipping on a glass of wine from Morocco while indulging in Chicken Pizza and Lamb Meatballs!

No, you don't have to break the bank here. If you've become accustomed to paying 10+ for a glass of decent wine... I just made your day. Ogun offers a Happy Hour during the week so you can sip and eat for a worthwhile price.   

I'm always looking for fun creative things to do with my friends that doesn't always include going to the club.... (hey mid 20's) -hahahaha ! And even though I have yet to attend this event Ogun frequently hosts wine tastings covering 5-7 different wines. No reservation is required, Tickets sale for $30. Other reviewers said this is how they were first introduced to the wine bar and loved the experience. I think it's a great way to socialize with old friends, meet new ones and up your wine game expertise!

What Wine Bars do you recommend? Not here in Houston with me? So what! Tell me anyway so I can add it to my Travelista list!

Happy Sipping! 


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