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Mrs. Obama & My Passport

Mrs. Obama & My Passport

Michelle O and my Passport. Them: Slow down Me: For what?

The Meaning of Michelle; Editied By : Veronica Chambers

I started this review before ever opening the book. The cover gave me visions of the women I admire. Women who are bold and prepared to take on the world. In heels, with my favorite color as an accessory, Pink. A collection of essays written by childhood friends, politicians, musicians, professional writers and even chefs, all with the purpose of showing love and respect to our former First Lady Michelle Obama. I had seen this book numerous of times at Barnes but dismissed it because well, it wasn't written by Michelle so why give it the time. I was wrong. Very quickly I was reminded of what the Obama's legacy means to American history and specifically what Michelle Obama gave to black women.

To be honest, when the Obama's came to office I like everyone else was at awe that we did it. We elected our first Black President and in the white house would live a very Black Family. Infatuated with Michelle's arms, her hair, and dress; a real brown skin woman standing next to the Commander in Chief. Now though it's evident, I hadn't even scratched the surface. Behind all the sparkly shit and title sits ---reclines, an Ivy League Scholar, Lawyer and Philanthropist. Contributors of The Meaning of Michelle, set out to honor a woman that for various reasons we all fell in love with. Yet, what they really did was create the best motivational book that I've come across. I'd read over and over again, recommend and gift to other women.


Why the Travel section you'd ask? Nooo its not because it's been empty since launchiing! I've patiently been waiting to add to "Travelesc" knowing that in time, Id have so much to say. At the time that I had ordered The Meaning of Michelle, Id also ordered my passport case. They arrived the same day. If you know me at all or have been following previous post, you know I can find meaning in everything. Lets call it perspective..... The two together deserved a picture.

Imagine believing past your wildest dreams, and where in this world it could take you.

I don't think Michelle ever thought she'd raise her girls "In a house built by slaves". But she in fact did, and will forever be a woman that generations will admire. While my grandmother and mom had their own iconic figures they didn't grow up seeing the white house tangible for women who looked like them. Last year when I visited DC I posted a pic of me in front of the White House with the caption "Mommy Look"; subconsciously thinking, it's just like on TV and this little black girl from the hood is here. 

My favorite essay in the book? I'm so glad you asked! It's entitled "Lady O and King Bey"! Yes, I was surprised when I saw it too!. In comparison of the two? Absolutely NOT, How could you!... Why would you! Writer, Britney Cooper, highlights a friendship between two women with a decade between them. I reread this part twice Boo, "Inner Beyonce' might have Michelle Obama reminding her hubby Barack that she upgraded him, not the other way around, The curiosity is not that Michelle Obama has an inner Beyonce', it is rather the quintessence of twenty-first-century Black ladyhood admits to it". I clutched my nonexistent pearls! 

So many takeaways, Just redrafting this post makes me eager to forgo perfection, share and read again! Without giving too much away here are a few more of my Favorite Quotes :

The type of hair that communicated to us all that she knew what her “Kitchen” was, was very well acquainted with the nap and back and forth relationship with Hot Combs
Many of us saw a woman to be admired. A woman to be trusted. Scratch that. Many of us saw a Black Woman to be admired. A Black Woman to be trusted. There It is.
Mommy Look!

Mommy Look!

A Modern Mantra, a Good Woman sacrifices, but not at her own expense
I now know the same secret that Michelle does. In order to have it all, we can’t do it all

I hope you were able to take something away, if you've read the book, comment and let me know what you thought of it. If not maybe this post was enough to convince you to pick up a copy or just click here. Doesn't matter when you finish it, come back and tell me what you thought and don't forget to share with other bomb ass women too! As always, you could be anywhere doing anything, but you decided to give me some time. Thank you

Happy Week Beautiful


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