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Is Travel Nursing Really for You?

Is Travel Nursing Really for You?


Your first job as a Registered Nurse will be home. They will teach, mold and help you transition from student to practicing provider. I am forever grateful to the family I have at my first hospital, but had reached a point where I was ready for a new challenge.

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Benefits of Travel

A fast way to maximize your income.

The obvious opportunity to see new places and meet new people.

I chose a travel assignment only 2 hrs away from my home in a rural area outside of Houston. This was the perfect way to try something new while not being completely out of my comfort zone. What you may not know is to be a qualifying travel assignment one is only required to be 50 miles from their home address! For most people especially those in bigger states this is easy to accomplish. 

A travel assignment is only required to be 50 miles from your home address
Most agencies pay weekly and overtime is usually available
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Not so Glam Travel

Not everyone will be nice to the temporary newcomer.

You are expected to grasp concepts & policies quick & efficiently.

You live out of a suitcase.

I'm a hopeless busy body who loves to travel, but I learned something about myself; I NEED HOME TO FEEL LIKE HOME! My space is all mine, and I love my little oasis.. my bed, blue walls and array of wine glasses. The thing about traveling for work is after a long day you don't come home to your own. 

The thing about traveling for work is that after a long day, you don’t come home to your own
You are expected to grasp concepts & policies quick & efficiently

Travel Nurse Tips



Create a LinkedIn Account and enter yourself into travel databases; connect with me & the travel company I worked with here!

More than 1 recruiter = more opportunities and options to compare.

Research reviews on your potential travel company and place of contract. 

Join travel nursing Facebook groups


Arrive to your contracted location at least 2 days early.

Your recruiter should be available and attentive.



A renewed contract looks great for future endeavors.







Never be afraid to negotiate pay, length of contract or non negotiable time off.















So What is Next for Me?

Well I am currently unemployed! Just typing that makes me smile. For the first time since I was 15 yrs old I am not regularly scheduled to be on anyone's time clock, and at 26 I have chosen to take a break. That in itself is a reason to praise God and fall into a place of pure gratitude.

I created amazing spaces while on my assignment but I believe my current space in life requires more stability than the travel life allows. So I'm taking my time, I know right? Scary! I want to find the position that feels like home; I'm not sure where exactly that is and how it looks but I do believe it falls somewhere along the lines of Health Promotion, Prevention and TUITION ASSISTANCE ! ... Yall know anyone hiring? 

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