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Buenas Noches from the Dominican, Entry 1

Buenas Noches from the Dominican, Entry 1


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                      Excerpts from my time in the Dominican Republic 

                      Excerpts from my time in the Dominican Republic 

A few weeks ago while in Italy I’d experience and relive those moments once back home, cozied up on my couch exploding it all into my laptop.  This trip, I’m writing and sharing in its raw form, forgoing any opportunity to edit in perfections.

Authenticity right ? 

My mission trip In the Dominican Republic is a faith based Medical Mission Trip. Different from my last trip; in its own way just as beautiful and already life changing. This trip has allowed me more quiet time to reflect, read and vocally praise God for his blessings.

        Night 1

This night I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been granted, just by being called Nurse.

At the local housing we’re staying in you can hear the locals singing from the rooftop, don’t picture anything too fancy .... but everything it should be ... lined with vines . Colorful walls . Dinner was amazing I could’ve eaten all the egg plant and another handful of rice ... but you know it’s the first night. Separating medications at the table with a host of different women, finding commonalities which isn’t hard .... our need to serve is evident. What kind of nurse are you? where do you work? I’m curious to know what would make 1 decide to live here for a year.... of course it’s a beautiful thing but I know it could never fit the makeup of my life. Well let me not say never. But a hot shower and Air Condition is nice to go home too.

Making an effort to be more observant and less social, I’ve always had this fear that I’d stand out as the girl who didn’t belong, so a piece of me wants to appear quiet and confident, I’m eager for tomorrow at the clinic which honestly I don’t know what to expect and I’m nervous as hell

Helping the Doc setup pharmacy in the morning - get it girl!

The doctor that’s on our team is a black woman I did a little dance inside .....

          Clinic Day 1

Not too bad. They grouped us in 2, 2 nurses would see a family of 5 accompanied by a translator. In total we served 30 families today, 150 people. Everyone was so nice, thankful and willing to help. I didn’t anticipate the exhaustion I’d feel. A few times people would say.. you're from Houston you should be use to this humidity , maybe I thought I would be but I for sure don’t work in the heat and sleep with no AC.... I even brought jackets and sweaters. Shows how accustom I am to freezing Hospitals .... not really the case in our Community Clinics here in DR. 

I was putting together medications and caught this moment with Kathy and a little one, couldn’t resist capturing. 

I was putting together medications and caught this moment with Kathy and a little one, couldn’t resist capturing. 

It is true no matter what setting you're in, a good nurse relies on her cohort. Kathy and I took turns assessing, documenting and having Brain moments to recouporate. Caught each other’s almost mistakes and celebrated the other for coming to a diagnosis... oh did I mention we assessed, diagnosed and treated. The best feeling.

Ask the Doc fa whaaaat? Kidding, if you have a question or unsure about anything you definitely want to ask especially when treating and dosing children .... but the autonomy we are given is gratifying. 


Thoughts and Tidbits  


  • I am most excited for our 2 days at the hospital. We were told the nurse to patient Ratio is 30 patients to 1 nurse (the most American gasp & Blackish whattttt left my mouth)
  • Tonight we had dinner with the president of the organzization and two Directors... I love small organizations bc we’re allowed those moments. A chance to voice concerns and strengths very early on.... can’t wait to share more info with everyone about the Org ( that’ll for sure be a more detailed post with links of course)
  • Making a note to sit still once I return home. As much as this is all amazing I want to reallly study my next destination, specifically the language. Tour groups can make you kind of lazy in that aspect because you know someone will be there to do it for you. But you will still find a barrier in interaction and a full cultural experience. Two people have already asked me.. “Do you only speak English” ? Shamefully, I nod and say “Si” Hahahaha 

Back at 730 am clinics tomorrow. Look forward to more updates and soon Gems, Talk soon Beautiful!

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Buenas Noches, Dominican Entry II

Buenas Noches, Dominican Entry II

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